A sofa for all seasons is just the thing for all those who would like to give their home a quick make-over. Our Cubetto sofa, for example: robust leather upholstery featuring the vintage look and a cube-like form which is not too severe.

Ein Sofa drei Styles - Glam

1. Sofa Cubetto l 2. Carpet Meander l 3. Floor Lamp Notte Punk l 4. Deco Antler Scull Horn l 5. Side Table Slim Line

Our first styling idea combines leather with the fashionable metallic colours of copper, bronze or brass in an antique finish. This mixture of smooth leather and gleaming surfaces becomes perfect when the look is rounded off by soft materials. Hide, imitation fur, a tousled woolly carpet or velvety cushions are ideal for this purpose.

Ein Sofa drei Styles - Boho

1. Sofa Cubetto l 2. Carpet Home Sweet Home l 3. Floor Lamp Five Fingers Colore l 4. Wall Light Vintage Love l 5. Side Table Swing Yellow

Boho style. The sofa makes a casual impact in combination with the right patterns and colours. Add a side table which is reminiscent of the 1950s, place something found at a flea market on the wall and already you have surrounded Cubetto with a relaxed and cosy ambience. This is how the colour concept works: you select a key piece such as a colourfully embroidered carpet or kelim, and then reflect its colours in other accessories.

Ein Sofa drei Styles - Freshening up

1. Sofa Cubetto l  2. Carpet Blue Water Fur  l 3. Dresser Babalu l 4. Mirror Pentagon l 5. Pendant Lamp Drop Rainbow

Freshening things up. Coolish colours such as grey, white and especially blue add a touch of lightness and freshness to the brown leather sofa. The new look makes a clean-lined, tidy impression when the cube-like form of the sofa is repeated by other accessories or furniture, for example in the square pattern of the carpet or the rectangular fronts of the dresser. And those who go in for the playful style can deliberately combine the checked carpet with round shapes, for example the yellow side table.