The sea and the marine life diversity exert a strong fascination and attraction on us. The soft laps of the light waves and the sound of the ocean – who does not love it, the sea with its incredible richness of impressions and fascinations.

A color palette from bright turquoise to azure to dark blue and to various shades of grey, a mysterious and colourful fauna and coral paradises impress us again and again. Especially in the summer time when we travel and feel a powerful longing to see distant places, the sea and its surroundings attract us with their various facets.

In addition to furniture and accessories, many artists get inspired from the water and the sea and have immortalized themselves with paintings, pieces of music and literature.
To get the fascination of the sea into your own home, we put together a selection of beautiful pieces where the sea plays a major role.

Personal recommendation: Especially world literature is an exciting and interesting holiday reading.

Collage Bonjour la Mer by KARE Design

1 Deco Figurine Pesce Colore l  2 Claude Debussy – La Mer l 3 Charles Trénet – La Mer l 4 Cabinet Cascade l 5 Deco Figurine Kugelfisch l 6 Carpet Blue Water Fur l 7 Picture Glas Diver l 8 The Discovery of Slowness – Sten Nadolny l 9 20.000 Leagues under the Sea – Jules Verne l 10 Mirror Boat l 11 Table Lamp Corallo l 12 Deco Box Whale