Moneybox Geld KARE

1. Money Box Skull Crystal l 2. Money Box Liberty l 3. Money Box Hund Butler l 4. Money Box Pisa Tower l 5. Wall Decoration Dollar l 6. Money Box Sheep Gold l 7. Wall Decoration Euro l 8. Stool Dollar l 9. Wall Decoration Yen l 10. Money Box Arc de Triomphe

These objects are impressive not only from a financial perspective but also in terms of design. As wall decoration, as seating accommodation or as a classical money box Рthey all have one thing in common; they are practical and at the same time highly decorative. Clever investments which impress partly with glamorous extravagancy, cosmopolitanism and a cool design.

All money boxes share one attribute; the money that is treasured in these objects could not be collected in a more decorative way.