Art for your home! You can now get an exclusive and limited KARE edition by photographer Mayk Azzato. Discover the motives of the edition and become a gallerist! Mayk Azzato is an Italian photo artist, who has made over the past 20 years a worldwide reputation as an art and portrait photographer. He works with celebrities such as Kevin Costner, Bastian Schweinsteiger, Seal, Outcast, 50 Cent, former US President Bill Clinton, Kim Wilde, Heidi Klum or Ornella Muti. Azzato became famous for his project “Nobody is perfect”, where he portrays celebrities such as Bastian Schweinsteiger in front of a police identification background. Photography is in Mayk Azzato genes, because his father Agostino was a renowned photographer as well. At the age of 15 he started to work with the camera. Azzato is doing campaigns for major brands such as Audi, BMW, Daimler Benz, Sony Ericsson, Timberland, Suzuki, Paul Mitchell, AIDA Cruises, Nintendo or Nikon. Since 2001, the ambitious photographer presents annual exhibitions to a large audience and to a large media response. This year he presented the exhibition “Insights” at KARE Kraftwerk. With the limited KARE Edition you are now able to get a real Azzato for your own wall at home!

After the impact-making exhibition at Kare Kraftwerk the photographer of the stars visited us for a creative meeting. We had three questions for the photographic artist, who has created individual studies of VIPs such as Kevin Costner, Bastian Schweinsteiger and Sophia Thomalla.

Mayk: You live and work in a former cinema, which is a highly unusual setting. How do you live there?

I put 1000% effort into my work and that’s why I prefer my home to be casual, not too perfect – I tend to improvise on occasions, too. Your home is a reflection of your soul, and shows vitality in all its facets. Life is not something standardised, and this is what makes it special! To create my video projects and photographic work I have to do a lot of travelling, and I bring back with me the things I discover on my journeys, together with design classics. I then arrange everything to harmonise with my lifestyle, which means that my furnishings are a real mixture. For me the most important thing is that I feel at home in the surroundings I live in.

Do you have a favourite piece which you treasure in particular?

Yes, a little old fishing boat, which stands in my garden and is used as a bench. From springtime to autumn this is my oasis in which I can enjoy peace and quiet. The colours of my bench are faded by the sea and the sun, and when I’m sitting there my thoughts automatically take me back to the beach. I brought the little boat back with me from a photo shoot in Bali.

You’re a total perfectionist when it comes to your work. Has nothing ever gone wrong?

On the contrary! Just before the start of the shooting on my film “Nobody is perfect” boxer Felix Sturm lost a tooth and Ralf Bauer and Julia Dietze had been booked and had already arrived … everything had to be postponed. And when the new set had finally been completed ready for the rescheduled filming date a hurricane blew down the Oriental pavilion tent complete with indoor and outdoor furniture – it was chaos! In such cases the only thing you can do is improvise, and sometimes this isn’t the worst philosophy for living.

We couldn’t agree more!

In cooperation with Mayk Azzato we have compiled a foto art edition of his works.

Picture Brooklyn by Mayk Azzato

Picture Brooklyn by Mayk Azzato 90x85cm

Picture NY Radio by Mayk Azzato

Picture NY Radio by Mayk Azzato 80x110cm

Picture Palms Building by Mayk Azzato

Picture Palms Building by Mayk Azzato 100x150cm

Picture Urban Desert by Mayk Azzato

Picture Urban Desert by Mayk Azzato 85x150cm

Picture The Tiger by Mayk Azzato  The Elefant by Mayk Azzato

Picture The Tiger by Mayk Azzato 85x85cm l  Picture The Elefant by Mayk Azzato 85×85 cm

Picture The Cockpit by Mayk Azzato

Picture The Cockpit by Mayk Azzato 100x150cm

How do you like his art work?  


Watch here the Highlights of his “Insights by Mayk Azzato” exhibition at KARE Kraftwerk again


The KARE Edition by Mayk Azzato

The KARE Edition by Mayk Azzato