My interior style can be called wild and colorful, but modern. I like mixing old, antique and new furniture, classics with trashy articles, holiday souvenirs and flea market finds with designer chairs. If I have to choose, the 50ies and 60ies style is my favourite. The angular legs are a must for many of my pieces of furniture.

My living room favourites

Lillys living room favourites by KARE Design

1Sofa Fun Tastic l 2 Picture Frame Auto Portrait l 3 Pendant Lamp Massy l 4 Floor Lamp Trumpet Brass Duo l 5 Side Table Dino pink l 6 Carpet Blossom l 7 Wall Light B Black LED l 8 Picture Triptychon Map l 9 Table Lamp Art Miami Gold l 10 Sideboard Closed Society l 11 Side Table Wire Copper l 12 Chair Forum Trumpet White l 13 Deco Vase Muse blau

If you have limited space, a delicate sofa is a great option. And you can easily seat 3 people on the Fun-Tastic Sofa!

Fun decoration is a must, und I don’t save on colour or size. It is often recommended to buy basic pieces and bigger investions in low key colours and style, and add accessories in colour– I like turning this rule around. And I believe that a big, pink triceratops with a table on ist back can never be too much.

Table by KARE Design Table by KARE Design

Coming Soon: Fancy Side Tables (Side Table Crocodile Green and Side Table Dino Pink)

You can find my dear 50ies legs on the sideboard again, And I love accessories and lights in concrete! It is my current favourite material.

Dresser Casino by KARE Design   Dresser Closed Society by KARE Design

Sideboard Heaven + Earth by KARE Design

When it comes to the wall decoration, I like changing pictures from time to time or seasonal. Here, too, I mix classics (Picture by Tamara de Lempicka), antique maps and contemporary photographs. Otherwise, I am keeping the wall colour bright and white, but I also like a touch of mint or turquoise.