Lillbedroom favourites by KARE Design

1 Wall Light Anchor l 2 Picture Glas Palms Building by Mayk Azzato l 3 Vase Night Sky l 4 Side Table Polygon Copper l 5 Bed City Spirit Linen Natural l 6 Carpet Kelim Pop Turquoise l 7 Bench Gym Denim l 8 Cabinet Chalet Copper 11 Drawer l 9 Mirror Pentagon l 10 Pendant Lamp Swing Iron Tre

The smaller the room, the brighter the colours? I don’t join this rule, I favour a wall in dark grey or anthracite. The bed is located in the bedroom‘s centre, of course, so it can be eyecatching, big and most important, cosy. The City Spirit bed is as special as it is versatile, I like styling it in a modern way, but also can imagine a more baroque Ambience.

At the bed’s head I like modern art, for example the glass picture „Palms Buildings“ from the Mayk Azzato Collection. It combines my love for palmtrees, architecture, and, as you might have guessed, turquoise colors.

My love for copper and brass comes out at the accessories: The highboard “Chalet Copper” is made of manufactured intarsia , such a gem may always live with me! You can find copper again at the mirror and the diamond-shaped nightstand.

 Cabinet Chalet Copper 13 Drw  Cabinet Chalet Copper 2 Doors 11 Drw by KARE Design

In every room I have some kind of vintage looking illuminated wall décor, such as letters or symbols. They are not only decorative, they also give you a dim light for atmosphere without using other kinds of lamps.

Wall Light O Black LED by KARE Design    Wall Light B Black LED by KARE Design

Wall Light Peace 13-lite by KARE Design Wall Light Star 11-lite by KARE Design

Wall Light Arrow by KARE Design

I am a Fan of carpets from all over the world, and at times I do not have enough space in my luggage (who has enough space for all the pretty carpets anyway?), I like a modern carpet with antique look, such as the Kelim Pop Collection, too. In general I like some oriental pieces at home.

My to go advice for a not-boring home: Rotate your carpet from time to time, from the dining room to the living room, to the bedroom: You get a new look instantly, without investing a lot. And some new pictures on the wall and fresh flowers make your home feel almost completely new and fresh!