Kelim Teppich KARE

Kelim Sortiment KARE

1. Carpet Kelim Pop Yellow l 2. Carpet Kelim Pop Grey l 3. Carpet Kelim Pop Purple l 4. Carpet Kelim Pop Pink l 5. Carpet Kelim Pop Turquoise l 6. Cushion Kelim Pop Grey l 7. Cushion Kelim Pop Turquoise 8. l 9. Cushion Kelim Pop Yellow l 10. Cushion Kelim Pop Pink l 11. Pouf Kelim Pop Pink l 12. Pouf Kelim Pop Grey

We are used to our granny’s persian carpets and now that we became fond of the patterns, we are happy to find these contemporary interpretation in modern colors!

We claim: the grey Kelim will be cutting a good figure in every room, be it the master bedroom, the living room or under the dining table. Or what about a different color for every room in the house? It will definitely not get boring with these lovely pop colors!

To add the Kelim feeling to every place, we also added cushions and poufs to the collection. When the weather is kind, we love them outdoors, as well!

The styling possibilities are endless, and if you are not in the mood to dye your ancient Persian rug, you should have a closer look at these models.


kelim Teppiche Muster KARE