This time Gianni di Franca is our trendscout on the theme of hair. We visited him at his new salon in Munich’s Glockenbach district and asked him about the top trends for the late summer and autumn. By the way, Gianni picked up a couple of highlights at KARE Kraftwerk for the furnishing of his salon – which we really appreciate!

Portrait Gianni di Franca

Gianni, the Boho and Hippie styles are ‘in’ at the moment – what hairstyles are the ideal match?
Boho is playful and romantic with soft, casual summer waves. In contrast to the Hippie look the Boho cut and finish are accurate and clearly defined. In contrast, for the total Hippie and Festival look the hair can even look a little bit trashy, not so carefully defined. Important: blow lots of volume into the hair, and create even more volume with a dry shampoo or special product. Locks are ideal and if it suits you, the current trendy hairstyles also work well with granny hair – in other words with the ‘in’ colour of grey.

What’s the best way to create casual waves and curls at home – have you got any tips for us?
Either twist the hair around a styling iron, as if you were tracing a spiral. Alternatively you can also use aluminium foil. You cut a large piece of the foil, twist it into a firm roll and wind your slightly damp air around it. The more firmly you wind your hair, the more curls you will create. Allow it to dry and then tease it into shape with your fingers.

And do those with short or medium long hair have to forget about the Boho and Hippie style?
Not at all – my tip is that when you’re styling your hair, go for the ‘undone’ look and then add pieces of material. You’ll find some really attractive ones in Indian shops or at the flea market – they need to be colourful and patterned. Flower patterns or Sixties-style fabrics are really attractive and go well with tunics or long, flowing dresses. And if you don’t like having bits of cloth tied round your head, you can accentuate the Boho and Hippie style with lots of chains, amulets and giant earrings!

What about men’s hair in the Boho style?
They need to have long hair, there’s no alternative. Ideally they can tie their hair into a ponytail with a rubber band, and if they’ve also got a beard – that’s the ideal look.

Salon Giani di Franca

Salon Gianni di Franca

Salon Giani di Franca

Gianni Di Franca
Ickstattstreet 11a
Munich, 80469

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