Table clocks by KARE wallclock by KARE

Table and Grandfather clocks

1. Grandfather Clock Gentleman Dog l 2. Table Clock Cucina Iron l 3. Table Clock Steering Wheel l 4. Table Clock Altimeter Square l 5. Table Clock Flow Silver l 6. Table Clock Versailles Chrom

Wall clocks

1. Wall Clock Umbrella Chrom l 2. Wall Clock Gear Ø120cm l 3. Wall Clock Antiquite De Paris l 4. Wall Clock Record Player Red l 5. Wall Clock Kuckuck Modern l 6. Wall Clock Roulette Pop l 7. Wall Clock Pocket Copper

Formidable timekeepers for tables and walls

Yes, they also show you what time it is – however they impress not only with their function but even more so with their bold design. Clever timekeepers – dressed in vintage, extravagant, dynamic or futuristic clothes – are becoming more and more important as strong statements in interior design.  No wonder, given the combination of practical use, design and a mere endless diversity. Whether you choose a dramatic, clever or decent way of portraying time, is up to your personal taste. However all timekeepers have one thing in common – there is no more decorative way of presenting time.