The collection with modern nerdy touch. Unexcited colors and shapes and strong details bring back the atmosphere of a carefully considered student’s home.

Furniture: straight surfaces, light wood, black and colorful leather

Accessories: reminders of a classroom, down to earth, party lifestyle

Decoration: straight but full. Playful details.

Collection Campus by KARE Design

1. Deco Sign Lady l 2. Wall Light A Red LED l 3. Wall Light B Black LED l 4. Wall Light C Yellow LED l 5. Wall Shelf Cup Of Coffee

Collection Campus by KARE Design

6. Wall Light O Black LED l 7. Wall Light K Red LED l 8. Wall Shelf Schools Out l 9. Armchair Quattro l 10. Deco Sign Sir l 11. Picture Glas Steam Train I 12. Coming Soon –  Stool Have A Break l 13. Coming Soon – Table Have A Break