When grandma’s kidney-shaped table joined her teak-sideboard, we totally gave in to the mid-century look in our living room. And we fell in love with the modern look! Timelessness is created by clear shapes and straight lines. We love to combine heirloom with current pieces and add pinch of our personality in shape of colorful accessories and family pictures.

Of course, treasures like these look good with white walls. But what about adding that special little extra, like a painted wall?


Collage 50´s Inspiration

1 Pendant Lamp Mezzo 4er l 2 Mirror Fischschwarm l 3 Pendant Lamp Campana Duo Copper Ø20cm l 4 Pendant Lamp Campana Duo Copper Ø6cm l 5 Mirror Sunbeam l 6 Chair Cocktail Forest l 7 Sideboard Casino l 8 Chair Liselotte Green l 9 Side Table Kidney Nature l 10 Bench Liselotte Green l 11 Deko Globe Vintage


  • The leading roles are played by sideboards, tables and armchairs: They come in earthy colors, with emphasized wood grains and soft pastel colors.
  • We love adding wall colors in soft, but not only light colors: sage green, peach-orange or a softer version of the furniture pieces themselves.
  • Delicate, conic legs are a must! At least when it comes to our furniture. They ensure an elegant atmosphere and make the room lofty and spacious.
  • Old family pictures are the perfect wall decoration! Black and white photography of your loved ones can be shown alone or in collage-style.
  • Why not add some typical mid-century indoor plants? Sansevieria and rubber tree were really popular at this time, they are really low-maintenance, give them a try!


Collage 50´s Inspiration

1 Pendant Lamp Variety l 2 Mirror Tetragon l 3 Deco Box Whale l 4 Picture Frame Colore Corner l 5 Chair Angels Wings Brown l 6 Pillow Color Patch White l 7 Stool Cube Orange l 8 Deco Vase Muse blue l 9 TV-Cabinet Hollola l 10 Chair Cocktail Flora Blue l 11 Deco Figurine Pesce Colore (11-tlg.)

And if you own a gramophone to add to the look, you can call yourself really lucky!